inTouch on Smart Phones

Currently I’m working on Virtual Simulators for mobile robots platforms. I introduced a BETA version of ‘’inTouch’’, developed on Matlab’s Simulink and VRML toolboxes.The main idea of this simulator is to control the movement of the robots by clicking on the screen with the mouse.

The simulator’s main objective is to perform a touch sensor area where the user can click and drag the robot.

The BETA ‘’inTouch’’ simulator will be my new virtual platform to continue my research on the control of robots using Digital Devices. The future introduction of ‘’Digital Robots’’ is pending and the idea is to control and interact with the robots using Touch Screen devices.
The goal for this ‘’inTouch’’ simulator is to control a robot using an iPhone, via Touch Screen and with the virtual and real environments interacting together.

Conception and construction of the 90degretor Robot

The 90degretor robot is in conception stage. The main idea of the robot will be the innovated morphology using a square configuration with omniwheels which well be the main aspect to an easy interaction with the inTouch simulator. Regarding the communication, the 90degretor is thought to bring a new way of data managing which will allow a faster information process.

Microsoft Robotics Studio Integration

I’m looking at Microsoft Robotics Studio (MSRS) as possible platform to develop some applications involving the control of robots with new communication protocols. I think that the MSRS team has been developing a great software environment which would be a future standard on the robots programming, that’s why I’ll implement new applications with MSRS based on my virtual simulators and my personal robots.

inTouch (Beta)
Virtual Simulator for Khepera II